Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Growth Charts

Hey friends!  We have 8 more days you can place orders for Christmas - and right now we are offering a 20% off sale until the 16th.

For me, I always want to give my kids something meaningful at Christmas.  Toys are great, but within weeks or even days, they end up at the bottom of the toy box never to be seen again.  With teachers I struggle thinking about what to get them because let's be honest, if they get one more coffee cup they may scream and really, another coffee gift card will just get lost among all the others.

Meaningful is special. Meaningful lasts.  Our growth charts are just that! (You like my sales pitch?)

We do custom orders at Keepsake Rulers.  You want a color that we don't have - let us know and we will make it happen!

Here is our chalkboard growth chart.  These are PERFECT for teachers.  Kids love to see their growth over the school year.  And because it's chalkboard, at the end of the year, give it a wipe down and it's fresh and ready for the new class.  MEANINGFUL!

This is our purple ruler (in vintage) which is perfect for the little girl in your life.  My oldest daughter has a fancy Paris room and wants a solid pink or solid white in her room.  Lily, the one in all kinds of crazy in the pic above has the most colorful room on the planet and would love a rainbow ruler.  We are still figuring out the logistics of that one, but when we do, we will post it right away!  MEANINGFUL!

When you support small businesses by purchasing from them all year, but especially at Christmas time, you aren't just buying a product.  You really are helping another family out.  And that is MEANINGFUL!

Have a very merry and meaningful Christmas this year!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis

I was 3 - it's one of my most vivid memories.  My mom was laying in bed and I was putting socks on her feet.  That's when she was first told she had MS.  She stopped working when I was 11.  When she was diagnosed there wasn't really any medication, and the medication development came a little late in the game for her.  I remember she started using a cane, then forearm crutches and then a wheelchair.
My babies were one and a half and my newest baby was only 2 months old when Dave was laying in the ER and after 2 MRI's and a spinal tap they diagnosed him with MS.
I hate MS.
I spent quite a while angry at God that growing up with this stupid disease wasn't enough, now my husband had it - and my kids would grow up with it like I did.  Not super empathetic but I heard quite often, "God must have a reason it just keeps coming up in your life."  I didn't care about the reason - I just wanted it gone.
Well, unfortunately it's not going away.  Still no cure.  But over the years I have used my lifetime of exposure to Multiple Sclerosis to help other people newly diagnosed, or partners of people newly diagnosed.  And it seems to give it all purpose.
The Northwest Region of the US has the highest number of MS patients in the country, if not the world.  It's crazy.  And yet, so many people are pretty ignorant to what MS even is.  So, ask questions - please!  I would love to answer any questions you may have...Just leave your questions in the comments section and we will answer them.
MS putting an end to my husband's ability to work also gave life to us starting this business.  It's a heartbeat we have here... Thanks!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Giving Tuesday

After 4 solid days of shopping, crowds and focusing on getting - today is such a breath of fresh air. I love this day.
Slow down.  Focus on others. Be the best version of yourself.
A lot has been going on this last week.  Thanksgiving, sick kids, business, my mom falling and breaking her leg, sick kids, basketball games, ear piercing, sick kids - but today, today I will pause from the busyness of life and focus on blessing others.
A couple years ago a lady was told she had miscarried the precious baby she had been praying for.  As she left the doctor's office she wanted to just make someone's day brighter, despite her day being so bleak.  She donated one of our ruler's to the next person who ordered.  The mom who received it was so blessed - a single mother struggling to make ends meet.  A little over a year later, that lady had a precious baby girl who is just perfect.
Focus on others.
This time of year it's easy to hold on tightly to what we have for our own family's.  But over the last 4 years I have realized when I am generous with what I've been given, the reward for my family is so much greater than money ever is.
Today is the heart of the season.
Slow down.  Focus on others.  Be the best version of yourself.